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LED tv



LED TVs are LCD TVs but with a different source of backlighting. That source being LED (light edmitting diodes) backlights instead of flourescent-type backlights used in the original LCD Tvs.

LED BacklightingThere is currently two ways light edmitting diodes are placed in LED televsions.1) Edge-lit lighting which is when the LEDs are placed on the outside edges of the screen TV facing in toward the screen. The light then disperses across the screen to create the picture.2) Full-Array lighting which is when LEDs are placed behind the entire television screen.

About LED Tv- LED TVs have liquid crystal display so it is flat and thin- They use LED as a source of light- The image passes through many diffusers, then through the LCD and falls onto the screen as the image that we see- LED TVs allow for brighter whites, they use less energy, they have a longer life span

Light Edmitting DiodeHow the light source works and produces light

How the LED TV Works


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