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Language Arts

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Lecture notes

Intrapersonal and physiological factors- Refer to person as individuals and to makes them unique.Interpersonal Factors- Refer to the interaction of the individuals with other persons in their enviroment.

Thinking skills are mental process that we apply when we seek to make sense of experience.Thinking skills enable us to intergerate each new experience into schema that we are constructing of "how things are".It is apparent that better thinking will help us to learn more from our experience and to make better use of our inteligence.

Thinking Skills

* The develoment of thinking skills is connected to the specific context we find ourselves in.*Within this context, there are personal (Internal) and enviromental (external) factors that affect the process of thinking or development of thinking skills.*These factors can be either be an enabling (positive) or disabling (negative) effect to the development of thinking skills.


Lecture 1 : Factors That Ifluence The Development Of Thinking Skills

Cultural and enviroment factors- Refer to specific context in which individuals find themselves.


Types of Factors


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