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Lebron James

Lebron James known as King James. Born in Akron, Ohio in December 30, 1984. Lebron has had a rough life from the start we his momma had him at only sixteen. Mostly his elementary life he was raised in a foster family found or discovered sportswas the best thing that could've happened to TheKing.

Not having a father figure because his father was in prison. There for his teammates and coaches was always there for him.

While in high school the 6'8 250 pond beast averaged 20 points and 5 rebounds and finished high school with over 2,000 points, 892 rebounds, 523 assists, and lead his team his freshman, sophmore, and junior year lead his team to some Division III champioships.

Lebron James sophmore year in high school NBA Scouts were already cosidering Lebron a NBA Star. While in high school his high school St.Mary had to change home games to the Universty Of Akron to accomadate the fans coming to see the King James play. WOW!

His first of NBA game he had 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals. Then was said to be one of the best couple years later on SI YOU SEE IT!!

QUOTES:"Ask me to play, i'll play, Ask me to shoot , i'll shoot, Ask me to pass i'll pass Ask me to steal , i'll block out , sacrifice, lead , Dominate. Anything for The Team. But its not what you ask of me its what I ask of myself. “To all the positions, I just bring the determination to win. Me being an unselfish player, I think that can carry on to my teammates. When you have one of the best players on the court being unselfish, I think that transfers to the other players.” “I don't need too much. Glamour and all that stuff don't excite me. I am just glad I have the game of basketball in my life.”

I chose Lebron James because he’s my idol. You say why? Because he is unstoppable on and off the court, also every time you see him he’s smiling only when he loses just like me. Also when he’s off the court he be fresh on the scene he has to be seen like me we are so alike in so many ways. He feels if he loses he feels the other team has nothing to same to him is that right NO but I’m the same way. He is competitor from the play station to the court he wants to win.


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