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LeBron James by Aaron Shultz

LeBron was the first sophmore ever to recive the Prtgious Mr. Basketball award given to the best highshool basketball player in ohio. While excelling in basketball, LeBron was also playing football and was named to the Ohio division IV all-state first team as a wide reciever. Also, he was the first sophmore ever named to the USA Today All-Usa first team, the kid from Akron ohio was becoming news outside Ohio.

LeBron had a lot of internal conflicts and external conflicts. When LeBron was little, his dad was never around, it was just him and his mom. This affected him on the inside and out. When LeBron kept moving from house to house he faced a internal conflict by not hanging out with anyone and once he made actual friends, he soon moved and it was all taken away.

LeBron James




Personal Life

LeBron James had a rough life growing up. He had no dad because he was never around. And they kept moving, they once moved 5 times in 7 months. He soon would move in with his football coach to get him straightend up and 13 months later, him and his Mom would live in an appartment that they would live in that appartment until the end of senior year. And Lebron made real friends that would always be there for him.

In the 4th grade, Lebron missed 85 days of school. But when he went in to live with his coach, that all changed. He got a perfect attendence award the next year. He went to St. V in high school and when he graduated, he didn't go to college but went straight into the NBA.

LeBron is currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. He was recently on the Miami Heat and won two championships their. LeBron then returned to cleveland to win a championship for his home team. But lost to the warriors in the NBA finals. The Cavs currently have the best record in the east and are striving to win a championship. Also LeBron is married and has 3 kids.

Current Update

LeBron James as a kid loved Michael Jordan and he still does to this day. Michael has always been Lebrons hero in a way he can't explain. This is why today LeBron on the cavs is number 23. When he went to Miami it was a tough dicision, but he changed his number to 6 because 2 x 3 = 6 and that 2 and 3 represents 23. Michael Jordan is LeBron's symbol


A charectaristic for Lebron James is Team Leader. When Maverick Carter graduated the team was looking to Lebron to be their new team leader. It was a big responsibility for a 15 year old kid, but he was up for the challenge



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