Lebanese Civil War

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Lebanese Civil War

Lebanese Civil War

Leaders~ Elias Sarkis was the leader in the begining of the war and Elias Hrawi was the leader during the end of the war.

Involvment~ Lebanon, Isreal and Syria were involved.

When~ The Civil War occured in 1975-1991. 16 years!

Cultural Influences~ Muslims felt as if the Christains were better liked in the Lebanese Government because the Christains had more power.

Where~The Civil War took place in Lebanon.

What Happend~ In June 1928 Isreal Invaded Lebanon. In May 1928 both Lebanon and Isreal signed an agreement to remove all troops, however Syria denied the agreement. By summer 1928 Lebanon was out of control. The Riyadh Conference in October 1976, formally ended the Lebanese Civil War, but the underlying causes were in no way eliminated. The Taif Agreement of 1989 marked the beginning of the end of the fighting. In March 1991, parliament passed a law that stopped all political crimes.

Outcomes~ About 50,000 Lebanese citizens were killed and twice that number wounded. The Civil War caused the instlation of a United Nation peace keeping force.

Why~ The muslims wanted more power within the government than the Christanins.

By: Presley Harbuck

16 years!

50,000 people killed!


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