Leatherback sea turtles

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Leatherback sea turtles

Nutrition:They are referred to as gelatinivores. The only thing Leatherback Sea Turtles feed on is jellies and soft-bodied organisms. They have very sensitive jaws, so jellyfish prove to be their best nutriton.

Fun Facts:-They don't have teeth.-They cannot extract into their shell.-When they are still eggs, their gender is determined by their current enviroment. (Males- cold; Females- hot)-Males spend most of their life in water.-They travel around 10,000 miles each year.

Habitat:Found in the open ocean as far north as Alaska and as South as Africa. They can be active in waters 40 degress below. They are the obly reptile known to be that active in those temperatures. Leatherbacks have the largest global distribution of all reptile species.

Ecosystem: Leatherbacks may play a role in the recovery of diminishing fish. They consume their weight in jellyfish each day, which keeps the Jellyfish population in check.

Reproduction:Female Leatherbacks the ages of 6 and 10 mate every two to three years. They usually lay 80 fertilized eggs and 30 unfertilized eggs. Leatherbacks may have more than one nesting beach, unlike most sea turtles.

Respiration:Leatherbacks have an anaerobic system of energy metabolism; however, under dire circumstances, they may difert to anaerobic metabolism. Their huge lungs permit rapid exchange of oxygen and avoid trapping gases during dives.

Excretion:Leatherback Sea Turtles excret by an organ called the Salt Gland.

Leatherback Sea TurtlesDermocheyls Coriacea


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