Learning using Technology in SST, Singapore!

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Learning using Technology in SST, Singapore!

Done by: Nadiah, Gavin, Wei Chern

Group workIn SST, every student will get a chance to work together as a team. SST aims to teach their students on a polytechnic-based learning whereby they are teamed up to do group work for various subjects. -Group PresentationsThe team will research,gather and present their information and datas using technology with the help of Learning device (Mac books). Inside the Mac books, there are three applications which are the Pages, Numbers and Keynote -Collaborative work Collaborative work is quite common in SST. In SST, students are encouraged to collaborate so it is easier to get the group work done even though we are not at the same location to discuss and share ideas through platforms like mind maps or spreadsheets. By using technology, we can collaborate but we're not physically a whole group. There are many applications that help SST students to do collaboration. Some examples are the Google Docs, Mind42, Mindmeister, Webspiration, Wallwisher and many other resources.Tasks-For Mathematics, SST students use applications such as Numbers to record and find out calculations on the Mac books instead of a calculator. Numbers also provide us new formula that are not found in normal calculator. One example is the “IF” formula. It helps us on how to find our BMI by calculating our height and weight.-For English each group has to come up with an information report containing pictures and facts of on a randomly chosen subject related to the school.-Students would also have to come up with other forms of media to meet the requirements for the task. One example is the lab safety video (Chemistry).-Students would also be asked to do other tasks like creating a poster or writing a letter for subjects like IPWICT and Maths. (Nadiah)

BlogsThrough a student’s blog, a student is able to reflect on what he has learnt in that lesson. It helps him to recap on what he had learnt and maybe even generate new ideas. A student would also use it to answer questions that teachers put up on the respective subject blogs. Subjects that use this way of teaching include Mother Tongue and MathsGoogle Maps/EarthA student would make use of google maps and earth for subjects like geography. When he wants to locate a specific location, he would just open google maps or earth, and key in the location. It would automatically “take” him there. A student can also use this to plan routes.NotesNotes are electronic too. Before the teacher starts the lesson, one would go online to the school’s Googles site, and download the necessary notes and task. Some of which can also be viewed online.Subjects that uses this way of learning include English, Integrated Humanities and Science.E-BooksFor maths, a student may choose to use the E-book if he does not like using the regular textbook.Other ResourcesOne would also use technology when looking for other resources like pictures or videos to enhance one’s learning experience. (Gavin)

IntroductionStudents usually learn by reading books and listening to lectures. But here in SST, the pioneer batch of students learn from a whole new perspective with the help of their MacBooks. (Gavin) Not only that, we also learn lots of things that involves hands-on and that of course is one of the activities that involves the use of their own MacBooks to do homework or classwork (see details below~ Orange Tag) and hands-on activities are also done in laboratories during Science Lessons. (Wei Chern)

-ADMT (Art, Design, Media and Technology)Students would be assigned to do a group project, everyone would do research and findings all online and also submitting our completed works online too.-Mother Tongue After a new chapter, students are asked to answer questions about that chapter but they are asked to answer them online through commenting on the blog post posted by their respective Mother Tongue teachers. -IPW (iProject)Students would be told to find out more about the effects of WWII on the Singaporeans and were asked to have a write-up and answering questions concerning this topic. Again, all are done online.-Integrated HumanitiesWith minimum use of textbooks in SST, Integrated Humanities is one of the subjects which does not use one at all but instead students have an “E-textbook”. This “E-textbook” is updated every time (when a new chapter is taught) by the students themselves by downloading the new chapters from the GoogleSite. Notes and slides prepared by the school teachers for the student’s revision purposes are also able to be downloaded from the GoogleSite.-ScienceStudents would be taken to the physics, chemistry, or biology lab for practicals. Notes for all lessons are on the GoogleSite to prepare students for the next lesson or any tests. (Wei Chern)

Learning using technology in SST

I & E Presentation

ICT: Making the IFD Poster

ICT: Making the IFD Poster

IPW: Group Lit. Review

English: Taking Pictures for the Group Info. Report

HML: Answering Questions through Malay Blog

Students doing homework mostly thr. their learning devices.


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