Learning Tools for Kids

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Learning Tools for Kids

Learning Tools For Kids

Kid's InfoBits by Alyssa and MichaelKids InfoBits is the best place to start your research because of the following -* You can search a variety of different topics such as animals, sports, technology, geography, literature, social studies and many more. *You will get book names, photos, magazine articles and additional web information. Kids InfoBits is a great place to start your research and gather new ideas. Happy searching!

Starfallby Derek

by Sydney & ReeseWorld Book is a great resource to gather information, pictures, timelines and more for your research projects. World Book Features -Translation (We are a dual-Language School)Pictures (Don't forget to cite where you got it from)Informing VideosAdditional Websites on your searched topic

World Book Kids, Students and Advance

Pebble Goby Jami W.Pebble GO is a fantastic example for kids to learn more about things from biographies, animals and social studies to mammals, inventors and sports. Pebble Go is perfect for elementary school aged kids which is age appropriate and the material provided is just enough to add to a classroom project or research paper.

Destiny LibraryDaisy/Samantha WHave you ever wondered if you can see what books are in your school library? Well, now you can with Destiny Quest ! With the Top 10 books at your school, New Arrivals and a resource list to help you find books online and in your school library. Destiny Quest Features* a search box to locate/find a book of your choice* eBoook lists* New Arrivals* Show books in multiple languages (dual-language school)Happy Searching!!

Starfallby DerekStarfall is a site that teaches kids their A,B,C's and how to read! Starfall FeaturesA,B,C - GamesSorting ActivitiesSpelling ActivitiesMath GamesPhonicsHoliday ActivitiesSongsGreat site for those who need a little help in learning how to read with some fun!

Tumblebooksby Samantha K. & Chloe* Book Search* Spanish Books* FIction Books* Story Books - Younger kids* Chapter Books - Older kids* Games and PuzzlesQuizes * Videos* Music Books* Lesson plans for teachers* Report Writing Great site that has many books on all subjects to chose from to read online!

BrainPOP Jr. & BrainPOPby Arhtur

National Geographicby Tanner and Jacob



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