Learning Throught Building

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Learning Throught Building

Driving Question:

Learning through Building

Grade Level: 9Discipline: Engineering Tech

Challenge: Efficient utilization of resources in the development of housing for the future is a paramount objective. Energy saving measures are applied in new construction, especially in affluent neighborhoods, but are often not accessible to all demographics. Students are challenged to utilize the constraints of cost, energy-footprint, and area limitations to develop low-cost housing to replace older dwellings, addressing the needs of urban renewal projects.

Students Will:•Create a Technical Report that documents the design process of their home, following the rules of Design Thinking.•Students will perform an energy and cost analysis of the proposed home, based upon the specifications provided in the design packet.•Create a 3-D printed representation of their house design to present at a design symposium.•As a class, students will create a final model that contains the best elements from the classroom to present a final design to community revitalization organization.

How do we, as a team of engineers and building facilitators, design sustainable and energy-efficient low cost housing for urban renewal projects?(Adaptation: Community Center or public site)

•Evaluate the design solution using conceptual, physical, and mathematical models at various intervals of the design process in order to check for proper design and to note areas where improvements are needed. (11.9-12.P) – PLTW 2014•I.L.2: Represent real-world problems using linear equations and inequalities in one variable and solve such problems. Interpret the solution and determine whether it is reasonable. – IN Math 2014•9-10.RN.2.1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what a text says explicitly as well as inferences and interpretations drawn from the text. – IN English 2014

Standards/ 21st Century Skills:

Life & Career Skills4 C’s (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication (written & verbal)Global AwarenessFinancial & Business Literacy


Writing &Comprehension


Entry Event:


Final Product:



•Groups developed after individual and group brainstorming sessions. Ideas will be used to create groups of students with relevant interests and skills.

• Teachers/Building Staff: Serve as “clients” – utilizing rubric guidelines & provide interdisciplinary support• City Officials & Revitalization Organizations•Architectural & Engineering Mentors•Building Trades•Code Enforcement

Two Phase:1.) Introduction to issue (Ex:Video Link) & Classroom Discussion2.) Field Trip to renewal areas & housing examples within immediate neighborhood

Collaboration Subjects:

•Students develop lists of considerations (5-10 items) after site visits to two examples of housing (NRG & Non-NRG efficient)•Students will interview “experts brought to classroom” to evaluate and refine their ideas.•Students will research applicable building standards, climate conditions, and specific constraints of their client.

•Students will perform a mid-point assessment client meeting to determine if their initial expectations are met. Written document will be submitted to ensure students have addressed project metrics from rubric.•Using climate simulation software, students will evaluate the energy efficiency of the design and refine as necessary.

•Written report submitted documenting process, including 3D model and applicable experimental data. Presentation to classroom and clients for evaluation.


Project: 3-4 weeksWeek 1: Problem Intro, Field Trip, Group Ass'nWeek 2: Interviews, Presentations from GuestsWeek 3-4: Modeling, Data Analysis, Project Report, Presentation, Reflection and Discussion of Next Steps

Mentor Assignments to provide scaffolding. Comrprised of field-related teachers, parent mentors and volunteers (technical or other)

Scaffolding to accomidate age limitations of comprehension

Each Assessment Includes Individualized Rubric:


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