Learning Theory Assignment

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Learning Theory Assignment

Learning Theory Categories------------BehaviorismCognitivismConstructivism

Read the assigned pages in your textbook carefully. Then work with your partner to: 1. Select a learning theory category (see box on right). 2. Select a theorist from your elected category 3. Create a glog (FYI: this is a glog!) detailing your selected theory. 4. Create an interactive Powerpoint quiz following module 12 directions and specifications to assess learning related to your glogster content. 5. Submit your team's Powerpoint file (.ppt or .pptx), quiz storyboard & Glog URL to the assignment areas for grading!

Module 13:Learning Theory

In your glog: * Summarize your theory [one paragraph]* Provide theorist's bio [who they are/were]* List five Internet "keywords" associated with your theory * Include at least one hyperlink to related information* Include at least one image, video or audio file.

Be sure to:--Work with your partner.--Contribute equally to both parts of the assignment






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