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Learning Theories

Universal Design for LearningThe UDL is based on the logic that everyone's brains function different;y. This style of teaching studies everyon'e abillity to learn and the teachers use it accordninly. It is about equal learning and providing students with every chance to learn at their best ability. "Individuals bring a huge variety of skills, needs, and interests to learning. Neuroscience reveals that these differences are as varied and unique as our DNA or fingerprints" (CAST, 2014)

Differentiated LearningDifferentiated Learning is a theory that tells teachers in what ways their students learn based on their specific needs. Utilizing 21st century methods of teaching and assesment, teachers are able to attempt a new way of instruction. "Differentiation is a way of teaching; it’s not a program or package of worksheets. It asks teachers to know their students well so they can provide each one with experiences and tasks that will improve learning." (Robb, 2014)

Differences One major difference betweent he two methods of learning is that the UDL vies for equal learning where Differentiated leans toward equitable learning. Whether one is better than the other is up to each person. The UDL maps how every person's brain functions, takes in infermation and processes it accordingly. Differentiated Learning asks teachers to get to know each student and determine what activities and lesson plans would be best for the students. One works based on science and one is based on personal interaction.

My TeachingI plan to teach every student according to their own personal needs. New information, in my opnion, should be taught in an interactive and fun way to gain the attention of the students. Because I plan to teach English for Seniors, I also would enjoydebates based on the readings and presentations of their own creative works to ensure they have learned the materials. I enjoy the differentiated style of teaching immensly, the journaling at the beginning of the class in regard to the prior lessons. Utilizing new technolgies and mixing them with lessons, I hope to see a more interactive English class where students flourish and express themselves openly; even if English isn't their favorite subject.



Learning Theories

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