Learning styles

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Social Studies

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Learning styles

Learning Styles

1) Learning styles are the way human beings prefer to concentrate on, store and remember new information.2) According to Dunn and Dunn (1978); students receive and process information in various ways. They can be...

Tactile learners

Kinaesthetic Learners

Visual learners

Auditory Learners

They prefer to take notes while they are doing something.They do it well with hands-on experiences.Usefull activities: task cards, puzzles, modeling, working with ipads...

They have lots of energy and they like to participate in class activities.They usually want to begin activities immediately.They are not good at whatching and listening others.Useful acitivites: role play, experiments, field trips, physical games...

They find it easy to learn by listening.They are good at problem solving by talking them out.They usually prefer to work where it is relatively quiet.Useful activities: debates, interviews, oral summaries...

- They are easily distract by movements and learn by viewing images, graphics...- They draw or sketch ideas and concepts.Useful activities: slide shows, patterns, diagrams...

My learning style



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