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Learning Styles

-Learn things best by seeing them - Good at spelling, but forget names often-Need quiet time for themselves-Very colorful and dream in colorThey understand visuals better than most people


-Learn best from listening and speaking-These people generally like to read out loud- Very vocal and love to sing- Read very slowly and carefully generally


- Learn things best by doing- They are very athletic and good at sports-Bad at spelling and have bad handwriting-Love to study with loud music -Have trouble sitting still during school and other activities


My best style is tactile because I am very athletic and I enjoy being active. I also have very bad handwriting and love to listen to very loud music which matches the traits of a Tactile learner. Therefore, I am a good example of a tactile person

My best style...

Bailey Banaszynski

My worst style...My worst style is Auditory because I have trouble hearing directions and comprehending what is said. I also don't have a great memory which is why I am a bad auditory learner

Learning Styles

Have trouble listening to directions and writing essays but are good at drawing pictures and reading and comprehending diagrams

Have trouble looking at a presentation with no demonstration and writing essays. They are good at listening to presentations and watching videos

Tactile have trouble listening to lectures and working for long periods of time. They are good at making presentations and doing hands on tests like demonstrations


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