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Language Arts

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Learning & Reading

This is a poem book wrote by Robert Pickering "Bo" Burnham. He is a stand up comedian singer and song writer.The drawings were drawn by Chance Bone .I found this book by watching his show on netflix. My two strategies are: don't get distracted by friends and try not to laugh because it's very funny.Nonfiction ReadingMy goal is to reread text to find the specific details.

His book was shown at his show called, "What."

The Back Story of Bo BurnhamIn 2006, at the age of 16, Bo Burnham posted videos he'd made of himself performing two songs about teenage angst on YouTube for his brother to watch

learning- reading

Bo Burnham even plays piano! It is very funny

Indenpendent workI want to keep track of my stuff. My group looses track of materials. I'll put my own things in my personal bin.

InitativeI like to try new things. In drama I did all of the activities. I would like to become more of a leader. I'll share ideas more and be independent.

ResponsibiltyI usually manage my own behaviour. My next step is to not get distracted during lessons. I will try sitting closer to the speaker to help me focus.

Learning goals

back up for details



Egghead was made october 1st of 2013

MATHThe math is very easy. In the unit on fractions I can visualize them. I usually use the area model. I would like to begin to use the linear model more. It seems an easier way to do it.

I love gym its very fun. I am skilled at dodgeball. I am able to dodge the balls. In basketball I would like to get better at my shooting accuracy.

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