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learning environment-desktop publishing

Mrs. Erika BuzzardGeography and Historyof the WorldANDWorld History

You are a Social Studies explorer. Your mission is to journey through the past, to analyze current events, and to predict the future, all while discovering the colorful and diverse cultures of the world. I will be your tour guide who will assist you throughout your exploration. Safe travels!-Mrs. Buzzard

Technology is essential in the 21st Century learning environment. My classroom is home to three computers with internet access, one printer, and a Sony Projector. My room is available before and after school. I have full access to five computer labs in the building which I utilize frequently to provide a 1:1 student to computer ratio. Music, use of digital media and visualizations are essentials in my classroom. Are you technology saavy? You soon will be!


24/7 Access!!Skyward: grading systemAngel learning system: course agendas, assignments, notes and student collaboration.

Standards for both courses can be accessed using the provided link andat the website below:

Your Goals: To discover what interests you, to solve authentic problems, to become an active citizen, to reach your fullest potential, to graduate.



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