Learning Diversity in the Science classroom

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Learning Diversity in the Science classroom

Learning Diversity in the Science Classroom

Strategies for Learning Diversity:- Alternative Assessment- Diffrentiated mode of instruction- Individual education programs- Bilingual learning programs- Inclusive classrooms

We are all special because we are each unique!

What is learning diversity?- Cultural diversity-Ethnic diversity (African Aericans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, etc...)-Dyslexia-Dyscalculia-Dyspraxia-Executive Functioning- ADD/ADHD-Auditory Processing Disorder-Visual Processing Disorder-Giftedness-English language learners- Mental Retardation-Emotional and behavior disorders

The STEM Classroom believes:

Diversity can change the world!

Learning Diversity & Theory

Learning Diversity defines everyone!

Diversity is individual characteristics!

STEM for diverse learners and resources- Span-Limiting Tactile Reinforcement- Blending Assessment with Instruction Program- Universal Design for Learning- Alliance for Students with Disabilities in STEM

Styles- Auditory- Visual-spatial- Kinesthetic


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