Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities

Mariya FloresElizabeth Dennis

Learning Disability(LD)

There are a variety of learning disabilities. LD can mean that the student has one or more obstacles to overcome when reading, writing, speaking, reasoning, or solving math problems. This can also have an emotional or social effect on the student. LD can be a result of neurological trauma.

The many challenges that students with LD can face include:- expressing emotions- lowered expectations- following directions- speech impediments- social disconnections- expressing ideas

From completing this project on LD we have learned about how learning disabilities are categorized. We also learned more about inclusion techniques that can make students feel welcome in any classroom. Although there are many specific learning disabilities, there are also more generalized labels. We did not experience a change in perspective, however we learned more about LD.

The best thing you can do for your students is to be informed in order to better support them.Use the LEA style of teaching for reading and writing. Include books that relate to the students specifically. Provide services for the student within the classroom, like a para-professional. Teach your students about organizational and study skills. Have assistive technologies like reading and math software in the classroom.

What is LD?


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