Learning About Saturn

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Learning About Saturn

Learning About Saturn

Made by: Ani Chong

Bacic Facts

*Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. *Saturn is the one of the outer planets. *Saturn is located outside the asteroid belt. *Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and, Saturn is larger than Earth. *It takes Saturn 29 1/2 Earth years to orbit the sun. *Saturn has a weaker gravity than Earth. *Saturn has at least 60 moons orbiting it. *Titan is Saturn's biggest moon. *The tempreture on Saturn can get as low as -290 F. *You can somtimes see Saturn at night without a telescope. *Saturn is made of gas.

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Interesting Facts

*The rings on Saturn are made from ice chucks range from the size of a fingernail to the size of a house.*From Earth, Saturn looks like a gigantic yellow star. With good binoculars you might be able to make out the shape which is very lumpy.*Saturn was named after the Roman god of the sewing seed and harvest.*If you could find a tub big enough, Saturn would float.

Saturn's Rings

*Saturn is known for it's beautiful rings that orbit around it at different speeds.*Saturn's rings are made from rocks and ice chunks.*Saturn's rings are so thin that if you could see them from the side, they would almost disappear.

Saturn's Symbol


Saturn's Rings

Saturn Floating

Saturn's Biggest moon, Titan



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