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Taylor Doran

After taking a questionnaire, I found out that I am a mix between an auditory and visual learner. Some characteristics are:

Groups:Learning in groups gives students a good oppurtunity to get a lot of information. It gets ideas flowing, and gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion. You are able to put your minds together to come up with the best result.

Notes:Taking notes, whether it's from a teacher or a book, is a good method of learning. It takes information from another source, putting it in your mind, and then on to paper. It gives you an oppurtunity to look over the information as many times as you want, leading to improved information about the subject.

Methodologies for Learning

Learning Styles

Auditory:When I'm alone, I usually have music playing. When I talk, I like to say things like 'I hear you'. It's easy for me to talk to my friends on the phone for long periods of time. I like music more than art. I get distracted if someone talks to me when the tv is on. I can easily remember what people say.

Visual:I always read directions first. I prefer reading to hearing a lecture. I like to keep a journal. I create images in my mind while someone is talking to me. When I recall an experience, I mostly see a picture of it in my mind. I like spelling and am decent at it.

Secondary Intelligence: Musical-RhythmicI enjoy listening to all types of music.I can sing back a song I've heard once or twice.I easily remember the melodies of songs.I have music playing when I'm doing homework or studying.I often have a song stuck in my head.Remembering song lyrics is easy for me.

Primary Intelligence: IntrapersonalI like to work alone.I learn from my mistakes.I like to keep a diary.I know what I am good at and what I need to improve.I am aware of my moral beliefs.Fairness is important to me.I like to think about things.Friends and family are important to me.

Multiple Intelligences


Analytical:Organized structureCareful/DeliberateValues logicRecalls namesLikes words/numbersRealisticTime-bound

I'm a mix of both. Some characteristics are:

Global:Decisions based on feelingsSloppySubjectiveAbstractEmotionalLed by the heart

Barriers to Learning

Many students across the nation face barriers that affect their learning. They could take place at home, school, or work. These barriers can sometimes become so bad that they could result in dropping out of school. Some examples are:

CyberbullyingLatchkeyAlcoholism/Substance AbusePovertyViolenceHealth/Emotional ProblemsTeenage Pregnancy


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