Learner-centered training

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Learner-centered training

New approach to training and teaching

1. Learner-centered training engages patients in the hard, messy work of learning.2. Learner-centered training includes explicit skill instruction.3. Learner-centered training encourages patients to reflect on what they are learning and how they are learning it. 4. Learner-centered training motivates patients by giving them some control over learning processes5. Learner-centered training encourages collaboration .

You are:the coachthe facilitarorthe guide You are the designer of learning environments that engage learners to learnYou provide feedback to your learners

Your Role

Why learner-centered training?


Trainer uses language the way learner uses the languageTrainer models; learners interact with instructor and one anotherTrainer provides feedback/correction Learner evaluate their own learning; instructor also evaluates


Authentic Assignments that reflect the information and skills they need Relevant : Use stretegies that help map the connections between course material to their lifeInteresting: Trainers need to discover what is motivating learners. Having some say in what and how to learn keeps learnersengaged.

Student Learning Video

What learning activities are best??


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