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Step 1.1.1 Open the file 'ABSDATAAUSTRALIAWIDE' by clicking on the paperclip (at the bird's feet) at the bottom of this Glog. This file is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2006 Census, showing the population by country of birth of Australian citizens. This list of countries consists of the most common 35 Country of Birth responses reported in the 2001 Census.1.2 Using the data in the ABS document, create a bar graph using Microsoft Excel to show the distribution of the 20 most predominant cultural groups in Australia. Show the number of people in each cultural group. 1.3 Open the excel file 'ABSDATAIndigenous' at the bottom of this Glog (at the bird's feet). This file shows the number of people identifying as indigenous in the last Census. Make a pie chart showing what proportion of our population is made up of indigenous Australians.Step 2. 2.1 Conduct a survey of your own class and find out which cultural groups are represented, this can include students whose parents were born overseas. Make a bar graph to represent this data.

1. Learn about Cultural Diversity in Australia

Click here for resources to help you with this part of the process.

Step 3. In your team, review the charts and graphs you have created. Read through some of the information and stories in the online magazine linked to this Glog page. There are further resources in the 'resources' section to give you more ideas too. Write down notes on how you think migrants and their cultures have contributed to Australian Society. What if we didn't have these cultures in our society? How would Australia be different today? Use the attached organiser to write down your thoughts (also in the bird's feet!). Keep this in your group Portfolio folder.

This is an online magazine published by the South Australian Government on Multiculturalism. Read some of the 'Migrant Achievers' stories to find out how these people have contributed to our society.

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Step 4. What principles and values support Australia's way of life? Do you think these values are respected and upheld? Do you think our indigenous Australians have had a 'fair go'? Why or why not? Read the information in this link and have a whole class discussion of your views on this topic. Discuss your group's thoughts from Step 3 in this discussion also.


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