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2. Learn about Bush Tucker

Step 1. Download and print the document located in the birds feet at the bottom of this Glog 'Bush Tucker KWL Organiser'. Fill this out with your group. Step 2. Watch the movie below about a Aboriginal owned restaurant in Sydney serving cuisine using traditional indigenous ingredients. While you watch the movie, make notes of all the ingredients and foods used that come from Aboriginal bush tucker and Aboriginal cuisine. Discuss this with your group and find out who has tried any of the ingredients used in the show. Step 3. Go to the 'Resources' page of the Webquest to find links to sites about Bush Tucker. Step 4 . Find a recipe for a dish you could make at school that uses Bush Tucker as an ingredient. Each group should submit a recipe for review and the class should vote on 2 recipes to try. Ask your teacher for assistance in getting the ingredients and adapt your recipe so there will be enough for all class members to try. 4. Write about your experiences cooking with Bush Tucker. Include the recipe you used, what you have learned by making this recipe and include a photo in your document of the result! Step 4. Undertake the research task in the blue box and complete on your downloaded form.

Topic for discussion.Our indigenous population survived for thousands of years on Bush Tucker. How has the introduction of European Food influenced their health?Do some research with your group by clicking on the links below then hold a class discussion and share what you have found out.

Step 5. Organise a whole class discussion with your teacher to share what you have learned in this part of the process.

Click on the leaves for Aboriginal Health information

What kind of foods are Bush Tucker?

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