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Learn Japanese

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First, you have to know the basic: THE VOCALS & SYLLABLES !

Shta Hidari Migui Opu

In Japan there`s 3 tipes of hand writing:Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji.Here is a video of HOW TO WRITE HIRAGANA AND KATAKANA:Easy, right?Did you thought thatit was difficult?Numbers inJapanese Family The TimeColors Months of the Year Parts of the BodyVerbs Days Pronouns

For more Information:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHf-riIJtTIhttp://www.gojapango.com/japanese_language/japanese_words.htm

I know that some of you dont have interest in these. But once you know the basic, It`ll be a piece of cake!

Learn JapaneseEasy And Quickly!

Its formed by vocals& syllables

Dont you want to learn something new?



  • BookWorm101 7 years ago

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    really nice!

  • Amaryliss 6 years ago

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    Hey there! You like reglogging, Mr re glog???? Anyways, thanks for doing this glog! Its fantastic!

  • w0803965 6 years ago

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    thank you so much i love japanese thanks to you now i understand more ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!