Learn Before We Earn

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by cocchianick
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Social Studies
American History

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Learn Before We Earn

Protesting in action. Edcuation not enslavement.

This is how the US becomes a leader. Child labor.

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Learn Before We Earn!Nick Cocchia

Abolish child labor lawsLet the protesting being!Give us back out Childhood!

Spending her days making money for the US instead of in being a kid.

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The US is getting fat off of our children. We need education before work! Instead of enjoying their childhood and getting an educaution that would help the US long term, these kids are put into the labor force. Working in factories that are overcroweded, unsafe and sometimes dangerous. Let the protesting begin! Speak up for the cause! Let kids be kids. Learn before we earn!

Unsafe over crowded conditions


Unsafe over crowded work conditions


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