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Leanna Doty

Si-Cology 101By: Si Robertson

genre: realisticor biography

characters: si, phil, miss kay, tommy, si's ma and pa, harold, charles hollier, christine

Summary:this book is bout the life of silus merrit robertson. it talks about how it was growing up, what him and his brothers did for fun, and how it was in veitnam. i really love this book. it kind of tells how life was before tablets and iphones were made.

my fave quote is: " After I finished telling the story, all of the kids in my class clapped. One of my buddies said, 'That's what i'm talking about.' i stood up from my chair and looked at my teacher. 'C-minus,' she said. 'C-minus?' i asked her. 'Have you lost your mind? Seventy white perch in thirty-mile-per-hour winds, and I was the motor! You're giving me a C-minus?' she looked at me and shook her head. 'Hey, woman,' i said. 'I've got a news flash for you: That is an A-plus!" ( pg 33-34)



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