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leahsound energy

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Air vibrating is what makes up sound. Musical sounds and noise are made by two diffrent patterns in air.Musical sounds are made bypatterns that have rythm and pitch.Musical sounds are also called tone wich are made by air vibrating a number of times per second.Noise is just disorginized and random air vibrations. The vibrations are called waves. Frequency is the number of times a sound wave vibrates in a second. Low notes have a lower frequency then high notes just like how high notes have a higher frequency then low notes.when sounds are lighter than others because the source of the sound i quieter and vibrating less.

You can feel sound by puttng your hand to your throat when you talk.. You can also touch a bike bell as it rings. Sound travels faster in water than on land. Sound also travels farther in water than on land. For example if a whale sing under water another whale can hear their song from miles away.Sound can go farther under water because it loooses energy slower in water.

I think that sound will last forever. As long as there are things to make sound like the waves crashing on a beach or wind in sounds the trees, there will be sound.Even when human made sounds are gone like cars motors and trains enginesthere will still be sound.

Sound energy!

Information bibliographyhttp://library.thinkquest.org/5116/sound.htmScott Foresman science textbook.


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