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League of Legends

League of Legends

Sarah Goulet

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Shows that their society isn't that differnt then ours because we value team work in school and in sports, even in our work places.

Similar to our society because not olny do you have to work well with the team but you also have to have skill as an individul. For example at school we can work together but for test and quizes we have to show our own knowlage .

Team Play

Personal expertise


LOL Values Team work alot, You can be kicked out for not looking out for your own team and doing whats best for them. Teamwork is the ability to read a teammate's intentions while also giving cues in turn, or the ability to stay positive when setbacks occur.

Personal expertise is the direct skill you bring in controlling your character to win a fight or earn gold. It’s your ability to last hit, execute a basic combo, dodge and land skill shots, or make an informed decision in a fight. Some ways you can make sure you are following personal expertise is by Creating optimization paths for champions and Rewarding consistent demonstrations of skill.

Adaptability is your ability to learn and respond to new ideas, new threats and new changes, along with your ability to play in a variety of styles. Different players are adaptable in different ways. Some choose to pick up a large number of champions, while others spend that time deeply mastering one along a variety of builds.

Most teams usualy wear jackets or shirts that they disigned themselfs for there own team. For example team liquid's jacket below.


Players should fight their opponents, not the game. We strive to present information in a clear and precise way so that League can be about dominating opponents with skill and teamwork


Just like in sports when your on the team you want to challange the individual and not the whole team at once.

In our schools and are society, adults and teachers tech kids to adapt to their surrondings and adapt to new problems they may face. Which is like LOL because they are told to adapt to differnet ideas, games, styles and your ability to accomplish certain tasks.


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