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Leafy Sea Dragon glog

Leafy Sea DragonsPhycodurus eques by Shilpa

How you can help:•Raise awareness for the Leafies.•Report sightings to organizations that support Leafies. •If you see one, just watch, don't touch!•Discourage keeping Leafies as pets- we are unable to provide them with the required food. •Object to human caused habitat loss.

CamoflougeThe Leafy Sea Dragon is one of the most ornately camoflauged creatures on earth. This wonderful adaptation allows them to blend in with marine plants using the leaflike structures that make up their bodies. The camofluage hides the Leafy Sea Dragon from predators and gives them the ability to stalk their prey. As a result of the camoflauge, the Leafy Sea Dragon has few predators.

SummaryThe endangered Leafy Sea Dragon, otherwise known as the Phycodurus Eques, is a marine creature that comes from the seahorse family and is closely related to the Weedy Sea Dragon. They resemble floating peices of seaweed. They can grow up to 35 cm long. They depend on their leaflike appearance to help them hide from predators among marine plants.

Can you see the Leafy Sea Dragon anywhere?

Camoflauge is an adaptation that helps the sea dragon survive and stalk prey.

Sadly, this beautiful creature is endangered. See above for ways you can help.

The Leafy Seadragon can change colour to blend in with its surroundings. But this ability depends on its diet, age and stress levels.

Where in world:Australia's temperate coastal waters.Habitat:Sand patches near kelp covered rocks, rocky reefs, seaweed beds, and seagrass meadowsPredators:Very few, usually bigger fish.Prey:Phytoplankton when babies. As they get older, they eat shrimps, zooplankton, smaller fish and invertebrates


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