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Leadership Academy 2009-2010USD 261Barbie Norton

Awaken the Leader in You by Sharif KhanAuthor of Psychology of the Hero Soul

Situation LeadershipVisionary- moves people toward shared dreams-positive-when a new vision is neededCoaching- connects people with goals-positive-develop long term capabilitiesAffiliative- creates harmony by connecting people-positive-heals riffs-motivationalDemocratic- values people's input-positive-creates buy in

Leadership Styles

Situational Leadership

Put yourself in place of most potential – place to find more than one right answerReframing a problem into an opportunity. More than one right answer.It’s up to me. DeWitt Jones - Photographer

Everyday Creativity

Are you a negaholic?How do you deal withnegaholics?

Cooperative Learning P - positive interdependenceI - individual accountabilityE - equal participationS - simultaneous interaction

Kagan Strategies

Linguistic - 8%Mathematical/logical 6%Visual Spatial - 14%Kinestics - 26%Musical/Rhythm - 24%Interpersonal - 20%Intrapersonal - 4%

Student Centered Instruction

Phase 1 - Identification of a problem or situation to be investigated.Phase 2 - Field Work - gathering information and generating solutions - analysis of dataPhase 3 - Create a project to share with fellow studentsPhase 4 - Share and present the product.

Project Based Learning


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