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Following A LeaderOne time we were at basketball pracitice and i noticed no none was doing their pushups so I decided to be a leader and complete all of mine, soon enough more and more people were finishing them.

Traits I feel are mandatory when I become a wife/motherMotivatorBalance Inspiring Lead by ExampleListener SelflessnessResponsible Reliable

Career I'm ConsideringI am not very sure what job or career I want, but I do know I would like to work with children. To work with children you have to be:EnthusiasticOpen-Minded PassionatePatient A Role ModelSupportive HonestInfluential

All About My Leadership SkillsI feel as if my leadership skills are still in progress. Even though I try to be a leader something always gets in the way, but at the times that I am a leader I am very honest, responsible, and realistic.


Ten QualitiesHonestRealisticRespnsibleSupportiveMotivatorHard-workingDedicationSet GoalsTeamworkWisdom

Exemplifying my Leadership skills

My leadership skills are usually exemplified when I am playing sports, because i am looked up to by underclassman. My leadership skills are also exemplified in the classroom becasue I am someone who makes good grades and can help anyone when they need assistance.

Someone I AdmireA person I admire tremendously is my granpda. He is so patient and kind to everyone he meets, even people that have done him wrong. He is such a trustworthy man that anyone would look up to him.

Celebrity StoryThe most recent celebrity that had portrayed pour leadership skills is Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). She had so many little girls looking up to her and then all of the sudden she went crazy convincing little girls that it was okay to take on that behavior.

Being Succesfull in CollegeFor me to be successful in college, I will have to be dedicated and disciplined I will have to ask questions when I don't understand and keep persevering when things aren't going my way.


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