Leadership Skills

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Leadership Skills

The purpose of this study is to describe the impact that co-teaching has on special education students as compared to general education students.


Decision making is the "ability to select among various alternatives using data, information, and input from others" (Buczynski 101).Decision making is represented in this action research study by the fact that I will have to decide what data/information to use.

Implementation is the "ability to get things done" (Buczynski 101).Implementation is shown in this action research study by the fact that I will need to have solid control on the implementation process in order to conduct the study and thus cause change to occur in the school

Interpersonal skills

Decision Making


Interpersonal skills means that skills such as listening to others thoughts and feelings.Interpersonal skills are needed in this action research study because the study uses students and their thoughts/feelings to answer the research questions. It would be unjust to throw those opinions away.


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