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Leadership Project

Leadership ProjectAppalachian Leadership Lab

Lisa Blevins-SalyerLeadership Challenge2015-2016During the 2015-2016 school year, I will be assisting teachers in developing a Personal Technology Plan. I will collaborate with teachers throughout the school year to ensure they have the support and resources needed to achieve their personalized technology learning goals. Once their goals are achieved, new goals will be established. Additionally, I have created a pre/post rubric for an identified group of teachers to track their development on selected blended learning tools. Problem of Practice/Research QuestionWill designing a Personal Technology Plan, modeling, coaching, and collaborative teaching increase meaningful implementation of 21st Century tools in order to have a positive impact on teacher engagement and usage?Evidence:Teacher reflection/feedbackTeacher demonstrated proficiency using various software applicationsObserved increase in student/teacher technology usageIncreased student/teacher engagement and achievement Committee Members:Shawn Castle- Elementary PrincipalPam Salyer- Instructional SupervisorNoel Crum- District Innovation CoordinatorThom Cochran- Non-Traditional Instructional Day Coordinator

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