Leaders of the Texas Revolution

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Leaders of the Texas Revolution

( Born Nov. 3, 1793 - Died Dec. 27,1836)-Started a colony of 300 families in Texas east of San Antonio. -Known as the Father of Texas-He was also known for his perseverance, loyalty, responsibility, and determination.-arrested in 1833 for working against the mexican government. -In 1823 he hired 10 "rangers" to protect his settlement from indian attack, then in 1835 the Texas Rangers were started to protect Texans using Stephen F. Austin's ideas.

Stephen F. Austin

(Born Aug. 9 1809 - Died March 6. 1836)-Grew up in South Carolina -Studied Law -In 1831 he recieved land in Texas from Stephen F. Austin.-He brought men to the Battle of Gonzalas, but they arrived after the battle was over.-He was the commander of the Texas army at the Alamo.-Known for being a couragious hero. -He died at the Alamo at the age of 26.

William B. Travis

(Born August 17, 1786 - Died March 6, 1836)-Grew up in northeastern Tennessee.-He was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1823, and served until 1833.-In the fall of 1835 he went to Texas to fight in the Texas Revolution. -He commanded soldiers at the Alamo. -He died in the Battle of the Alamo.

David Crockett

(Born in1796- Died March 6,1836)-Born in Kentucky, but his family moved to Missouri and then they settled in Louisiana.-He is known for being bold and fearless. He was also made famous for the "Bowie Knife"- During the Battle of the Alamo Bowie became ill and died in the battle.

James Bowie

(March 2, 1793 - 1863)-He lived with Cherokee Indians at the age of 16.-After leaving the indians he studied law and worked for the government.-He joined Texas Rebellion against Mexico 1831.-Known for being an individualist and a great leader.-At the Battle of San Jacinto he led 800 soldiers to suprise Santa Anna's Army and defeat the Mexican Army.

Sam Houston

Leaders of the Texas Revolution


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