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Le Tran INST 3313

The wastewater from the papermaking can cause pollution problems.

Most paper comes from trees, a renewable resource. Most of the tress used for paper are managed for that purpose.

In 2003, the United States recycled more than 50% of the paper it consumed. This means that fifty million tons of paper did not end up in the waste stream, equivalent to 230 Empire state buildings full each year!

If we want to protect our environment, we have to come up with better ways to make sure papermaking does not cause pollution in any way.

-The United States did an amazing job by recycling their paper products. Every country uses paper, so it is important to encourage every country to recycle more efficiently so we don’t cause any more pollution.

It is amazing to think how much the trees has actually given us. We can breathe because of them, and we also have paper because of them!



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