Le Rhone - Alpes

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Le Rhone - Alpes

Geographical facts - ...The Rhone - Alps population in 2013 is 6.393 million - ... The capital city in the Rhone Alpes region is Lyon

Le Rhône- AlpesThe Rhone - Alpes

This is what the local food looks like.

If you like skiing and great mountain views then this is a place for you because you have the famous Mont Blanc massif and you have skiing resorts so you can have fun at the Rhone - Alpes!

In the 1700's a man called Marcellin Champagnat lived in this region. He started the Marist Brothers and schools! Andre-Marie Ampere, the physicist who named the ampere, which measures electrical current also came from the Rhone - Alpes!!

Gastronomy-... Rhone - Alpes regional dish is Rhones - Alpes Raclette cheese dish with boiled potatoes, cold meats and green salad!-... Tartiflette with Melted Reblochon cheese baked with potatoes, bacon pieces, onions with green salad and cold meats

If you are a foodie which like nougat and truffles than Rhone alpes is the place for you. The Rhone - Alpes harvest 85% of the truffles range in French. Nougat is a local delicacy.

The video is about all the experiences that you can do in the Rhone - Alpes, the food and the traditions!


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