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United States's Industry

This poster will tell you about the economy of the United States during World War II and before World War II.


World War II Started


• More than 15 million Americans in the military. • More than 6,000 people to provide food, equipment, medical services, and transportation to 8,000 soldiers. • Many raw materials, such as rubber, manila fiber, and oil, were less supply. • Metals became scarce, plastics developed. Copper was cost pennies and replaced with steel.

• The government spent about $350 billion during World War II. About 40% of that came from taxes, the rest came from government borrowing

IntroductionChanging factories’s equipment to make war materials.• Such as uniforms, tanks, ships, planes, and ammunition, helped to boost the economy.

WorkersWomen worked in manufacturing while the men were gonePeople were encouraged to recycle rubber, nylon, iron, bone, animal fats, and donate unused things to be re-used in the war.

American Government relied on 'deficit spending' (government spending of borrowed money)=> Disastrous economic problem.



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