LCD Projectors

by Michheeter
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LCD Projectors

Planned use:daily schedulescience experimentslive modelsstep by step instructionsspecial reward activities

The technology that I would use often in my classroom would have to be the LCD Projector. This projector reminds me of the projector used when I was in high school and since then this technology has enhanced tremendously. With this technology you can project images from several devices such as a computer, DVD player and (even a VCR and yes they still sell VHS tapes). I like how this device can be displayed on surfaces like the whiteboard, it can show class work, movies, video clips, or multimedia presentations.One way that I would use this device would be to display the morning work on the projector and have the students copy it and work on it as I prepare to take the attendance and lunch counts. Once that is taken care of , I would then give the students a few moments to complete the class work before we go over it together. I would have a student come over to the computer and give a step by step instruction on how they have come up with their answer.Next I would use this device by displaying the daily agenda and what they need to write in their agendas need to go home to the parents and have signed and brought back to school. I would type it out on the computer and have the class copy it in their agendas so no student will miss their homework assignment for the day.And lastly, I would use this device along with the whiteboard to show science experiments, live models and step by step instructions, for any subjects that may need to be made clearer for the students to understand. For example, if there is a science project on the horizon then I can pull up a few examples of science experiments to give the students some ideas for their projects.And this is just a bonus, because this device can show movies I will use it to show movies on days that we have worked so hard to receive a movie and popcorn day.

LCD Projectors

Used to display:classworkmoviesvideo clipsmultimedia presentations


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