Layney, Haily, Alana

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Social Studies
World Culture

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Layney, Haily, Alana

The Aicent India SettilmentsAll the rivers in india carry more whater in the monshun season because of the local rain fall. Flooding can sometimes be distructive of not just crops but of human lives as well. At the same time, floods in india are also much needed, because they leave fresh silt on the land they cover. This silt makes the land fertal for growing crops. By the time the rain stoped and the indus river shrank to its normal size, the crops would be ready to harvest.

Aicent India

Indian CulturesHunduisum: To believe in many Gods.Buddisum: To follow the teachings of

Inventionas India Made/FoundSurgery Cataract surgery and plastic surgery wher first performed by an ancint physcan back in 2000 bc.DiamondsThey were first found and mined in India. Huge depots of these were found in central India and graduly developed as a presious stone.

The 5 Thems Of GeographyThey are...Location, Region, Land Region,Movement, and Place.


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