Layers of the Rainforest

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Layers of the Rainforest

Join Mr.Lubber going through the 'Rainforest' layers (it is a bit cheesy).

UnderstoryThe 'Understory' is a tangle of shrubs similar to the 'Forest Floor'. Again similar to the 'Forest Floor', the 'Understory' is hot and damp. Unlike the 'Forest Floor' the leaves are much broarder to soak up sunlight that manages to get through.

Layers of theRainforest

Three Facts About Living Things in the Rainforest1. Did you know, that there is a plant called the 'Raffleisia' and it smells like rotten meat to keep enemies away?2. This amazing lizard is called the elusive lizard that looks like your halucinating and looking at the lizard at the same time.3. There is this type of lizard called a blue tongue skink and some of the lizards have an ombré effect of Purple to Blue?!

CanopyIn the 'Canopy' layer there is a dense layer of vegetation. The height is 30-45 metres or 100-150 feet. The 'Canopy' layer makes shade for other layers below. The 'Canopy' layer is teaming with life and is rich in beautiful glorious fruit

Forest FloorThe 'Forest Floor' is a dark and damp place where leaves fall and decompose there a lot more easily. On the layer of the 'Forest Floor' is a home to ferns, fungi and a lot of moss. Not as much as other layers as I said before it is really dark and barely any sunlight gets there. Also the 'Forest Floor' has shrubs and small trees densely packed together.

EmergentTrees in the 'Emergent' layer are mostly evergreen trees which means that the trees up there don't lose their leaves all at once. Sunlight is plentiful and up in the 'Emergent' layer photosynthesis happens a lot more regularly. Birds, Butterfly's, Bats and small Monkeys live in the 'Emergent' layer.

You should watch this video because you should see what people are doing to the earth.Thank you Prince EA for making this video.

This is all about the canopy layer of the rainforest and to watch part 2 go to 'YouTube' and search 'Beneath the Canopy 2'.


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