Layers of the Atmosphere

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Layers of the Atmosphere

StratosphereThe Startosphere has a hight of 50 kilometers off the surface of the earth. In the lower Startosphere the temperature is super cold around -60 degrees C. Also in this part of the Stratosphere there are very strong eastward winds that blow horizontally around the earth. these winds are called Jet Streams. These winds can reach speeds of more than 320 kilometers an hour.Present in the Stratosphere is a special form of oxygen called Ozone.Ozone forms when electricity passes through the atmosphere. Even though there is very little Ozone in the Stratosphere, it is very important to life on earth. It acts like a shield to for us because it absorbs most of the ultraviolet rays which are very harmful to humans. The Ozone is also responsible for the teperature change in the upper Stratosphere. In the upper Stratoshere the temperature can reach up to 18 degrees C.

MesosphereThe Mesosphere extends from around 50 kilometers to 80 kilometers above the earths surface. The temperature drops to around -100 degrees C. in the Mesosphere. The upper part of the Mesosphere is the coldest region of the Atmosphere. The Mesosphere helps protect earth from meteoroids. When meteoroids enter the Mesosphere they burn up. The heat caused by the friction, or rubbing, between the meteoroid & the atmosphere causes this burning. Most meteoriods burn up completely as they pass through the earths atmosphere but some are large enough & survive the passege. These are called meteorites & they strike on earth.

ThermosphereThe Thermosphere has a hight of 80 kilometers off the earths surface.The air in the Thermosphere is very thin & the density of the atmosphere & the air pressure are only about one ten-millionth of what they are on the earths surface. This is that way because there is hardly any air or gravitational pull so you practically be flowting. Thermoshere means "Heat layer" or "warm layer". The temperature can reach above 2000 degrees C. because the nitrogen & oxygen in the Thermoshere absorb a great deal of Ultraviolet radiation from space to convert it into heat. We use special instruments to measure the Thermpshere's temperature because if we used a thermometer it would read far below 0 degrees C. This would happen because temperature is measured by how fast particles in the air move. The particles in the Thermosphere are moving very fast so they are hot. But there are very few of these particles & they are far apart. There are not enough of them together to bombard a thermometer & warm it so thats why it would read far below freeZZZZZZZZZing temperature.

Atmosphere: There are four main layers in the earths atmosphere. In order from the earth up to space they go Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere & last Thermosphere. These layers have different gases & different temperatures in them. If you were to ride through all the layers of the atmosphere from earth up, you would notice the changes in gases, temperature & electical & magnetic forces as you went.

Layers of the Atmosphere

TroposphereThe Troposphere is closest to earth & its the layer we live in. In the Troposhere is where all the weather occurs. The hight of the Troposhere varies from around 12 to 20 kilometers off the ground. For every kilometer above the earths surface, the tempurate drops 6.5 degrees C. in the Troposphere. There is a zone at an altitude of 12 kilometers called the Tropopause. Here, the temperature remains fairly constant & it seperates the Troposphere from the Stratosphere.

ExosphereThe upper Thermosphere is called the Exosphere. The Exosphere extends to about 55 kilometers off the earths surface. The air is super thin in the Exosphere. Satellites orbit the earth in the Exosphere. The Exosphere is otherwise known as SPACE.

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