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A Dystopian Reality

Speculative fiction provides contemporary readers with an escape from the mundane world into an alien and often futuristic subversion of society’s current state. Written to convey a social message or moral warning.Employs just enough familiarity to give us a thrill and allow us to immerse ourselves.The mistrust we feel in our governments after reading spec fic can be seen as a liability...BUT, we cannot abolish wonder and thrill, can we?

T H E H A N D M A I D 'S T A L E

The Handmaid's Tale draws from Puritanism, conservative politics, toxic waste, the thalidomide tragedy and the ubiquitous nature of sexism in academia to create an imaginary world and cynically comment on the political issues of our own society.V for Vendetta alludes to Guy Fawkes, the Count of Monte Cristo, 1984, Richard III, Macbeth and the Hitler Nazi Government to create a fascist Great Britain where civilians are indoctrinated into complacency through falsified television reports and slogans.


Patriarchal power...Low fertility rates...Fascist government...Toxic waste...

Fascist government...Human experiments...Constant surveillance...Brutality towards minorities...



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