Laws Permitting Forced Sterilization of the Jews

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Laws Permitting Forced Sterilization of the Jews

On July 14, 1933 Nazis actively targeted Jewish men and women, forcing them to get sterilized in order to stop the spread of the "dirty" race. This was backed by German physicians, geneticists, Nazi police, and psychiatrist,Ernst Ruden. These influential people spread the belief that Jewish people were genetically inferior and wanted them to be wiped off the earth.

July 14, 1933 is the date that the first Jewish sterlization law was put in place, only 6 months after Hitler comes to power. The Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring held everyone under the same 9 "hereditary" conditions: schizophrenia, genetic epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, manic-depressive disorder, genetic deafness, severe physical deformity, and chronic alcoholism, feeblemindedness, and genetic blindness. Men were given a vasectomy, and women were given tubal ligation. These invasive procedures resulted in hundreds of deaths.

Laws Permitting Forced Sterilization of the Jews

300,000-400,000 people were sterilized by law

Tubal ligation is where a womans Fallopian tubes are tied, burned or cut to prevent pregnancy. A vasectomy is where a males vas deferens is cut, burned, or tied to prevent getting a woman pregnant


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