Laws Affecting Women In World War I

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World War I

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Laws Affecting Women In World War I

Laws Affecting Womenin World War 1

On September 20, 1917 Wartime Elections Act was introduced. In preparation for the election mainly on conscription, the government changed the election rules. Some Canadian women were able to vote for the first time, while other Canadians lost their right to vote.

Gave votes to mothers, daughters, wives and sisters of men serving overseas. Women had the right to vote no for conscription so their men don't have to be forced into war.

In July 1916, Parliament passed the Military Service Act, which made conscription for overseas service the law. On 15 August 1915 was ordinarily resident in Great Britain and who had attained the age of 19 but was not yet 41. All men were forced to go to war, leaving there jobs and families.

Borden wanted to influence the results of the 1917 election for conscription so the law The Military Voters Act was introduced. It gave the vote to male and female members of the armed services. For the first time, women could vote in federal elections. He knows it these peopl will elect his government because it has introduced conscription.

Robert Borden first introduced the Income War Tax Act using its powers under the British North America Act. Many Canadians bought Victory Bonds to help pay for the war, but after the war the government didnt have any money. Canada owned the people and other countries because the way costed over $1 million a day. So they needed a way to raise vast amounts of money quickly, and the income tax is a good way to do.

Military Service Bill was introduced in 1917. The casualties were enormous, and Canada's contribution didnt have enough manpower compared to other countries. Voluntary enlistment had been uneven, and the military believed they could not maintain the Canadian Corps without conscription. So called an additional 100,000 men to the armed forces of Canada. Many men that were of aged were forced or shamed to volunteer for the war.

The things these bravemen did for our country.


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