Lawrence of Arabia

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Lawrence of Arabia

- Born on August 16, 1888 in Caernarvonshire, Wales.- Became an expert in Arab affairs as a junior archaeologist in Carchemish from 1911 to 1914, working for the British Museum on archaeological excavations.- Lawrence joined Amir Faisal al Husayn's revolt against the Turks as political liaison officer, leading a guerilla campaign that harassed the Turks behind their lines.- After a major victory at Aqaba Lawrence's forces supported British General Allenby's campaign to capture Jerusalem.- In 1917 he was captured at Dar'a and tortured as well as sexually abused.- In 1918 he had been promoted to lieutenant colonel and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Order of Bath by King George V, but politely refused the medals in support of Arab independence. This action sparked some controversy.- Attended the Paris Peace Conference as an advisor to the British delegation where he fought for Arab independence.- Published The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, an autobiographical account of his experiences as a British soldier. - Died in a motorcycle accident on May 19, 1935, in Clouds Hill, Dorset, England.


1888: Birth1907: Lawrence becomes an undergraduate at Jesus College, Oxford University, where he chooses to study history.1910: Lawrence goes to Jebail to study Arabic as well as engage in excavations conducted by the British Museum at Carchemish. October 1914: Joins the Geographical Section of the General Staff working on maps of the Middle East.June 1916: Produces the first "Arab Bureau Summary."October 1918: Lawrence accompanies the rebel forces from Deraa to Damascus, where he helps to set up a provisional Arab government.January 1919: Arrives in Paris for the Peace Conference.December 1920: Invited to meet with Winston Churchill and discuss the Middle East. 1922: Publishes first copies of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.1935: Dies in a motorcycle accident.

- Served in the British Military- Recruited as a liaison officer for the British army and sent to Egypt to help the war effort. - Led the most famous campaign in Arabia where he captured Aqaba, proving his worth as a strong strategist, leader and fighter. - Strong advocate for Arab independence.

Lasting Impact

- Fought extremely hard for Arab independence.- Looked up to as a hero by many.


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Lawrence of Arabia



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