LAW Review Chp. 5/10

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LAW Review Chp. 5/10

LAW ReviewDamian Banuelos, Jun Pak, Luke Tran, and Simon TranAP English Lang, Per. 1

- Two commandments towards style is to not use first person and to not use the word “there,” ever. - Opinion is always more convincing without the use of personal pronouns.- Third person writing will make your writing more logical.- Avoid passive verbs except when it’s absolutely necessary. - One characteristic of a good style is the ability to pack as much meaning into as few words as possible.- Parallelism require a repetition of some element in a sentence.- Parts of the sentence must balance with each other.- The subtler and more complex parallels are the real challenge and the true delight of writing. - In a series of nouns, each item must be a noun. In a series of adjectives, each item must be an adjective.- Balance is always inherent in parallelism.

1. Which of these choices is NOT a rule of style?(A) You should never use first person when writing(B) It is fine to use “there” because it is frequently used in conversation(C) Good style is the ability to write as few words as possible while having a lot of meaning(D) Avoiding the use of personal pronouns will make opinions more convincing2. Using “I think…” in an essay gives off what type of impression of the writer to the reader?(A) It makes the writer seem very unconfident in his claim(B) It makes the writer seem very intelligent and is making a very open-minded claim(C) It makes the writer seem very mysterious and is making a claim that is open for interpretation(D) It makes the writer seem completely arrogant and is making a claim for the sole purpose of justifying his high status and high sense of moralitySELECT THE UNDERLINED WORD OR PHRASE THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO MAKE THE SENTENCE CORRECT. 3. In her art class, Gina learned how to paint, photograph moving objects, and molding sculptures. (A) art class (B) how to (C) molding(D) photograph (E) NO ERROR 4. Napa Valley is known for having amazing food, high quality wine, and attracts a wealthy clientele. (A) is known(B) attracts(C) high quality(D) having(E) NO ERRORPART OF THE GIVEN SENTENCE IS UNDERLINED. CHOOSE THE ANSWER CHOICE WITH THE BEST VERSION OF THE UNDERLINED PART. 5. All Species of sea turtles are endangered because of overharvesting of adults, their eggs being disturbed, and destruction of nesting habitats. (A) of the adults being overharvested, their eggs being disturbed, and destroying nesting habitats.(B) the overharvesting of adults, disturbance of their eggs, and destruction of nesting habitats.(C) being overharvested as adults, their eggs, being disturbed, and destruction of nesting habits.(D) the adults are overharvested, their eggs are disturbed, and their nesting habits are destroyed.(E) NO ERROR Answer Key 1 (B) 2 (A) 3 (C) 4 (B) 5 (D)

5 Important Test Questions

Chapter 5 and Chapter 10 greatly impact our individual writing styles. We tend to write similarly to how we speak, but that is not appropriate for formal writing. Using personal pronouns in conversation is accepted because it is a more casual setting. When trying to firmly support an argument in hopes that it convinces the reader to think in the same way, a writer must be confident in his argument. He states it as it is, and leaves the unnecessary, unconfident “I think…” out. Students may also want to make their writing seem longer and that causes them to use passive verbs. This, in turn, does not make their writing better, and in chapter 5 it teaches us how to properly use active verbs. It gives their writing a bit of life which makes it more interesting for the readers. In chapter 10, it teaches us about parallelism. Parallelism is a rule, stating that sentences should always have balance. Without the balance of clauses in a sentence, it becomes difficult to read. Parallelism is necessary to give a sentence one clear meaning using repetition, rather than letting it become a jumble of random fragments.

1 Reflective Pragraph

10 Key Strategies

Chapter 5:First Steps Toward StyleChapter 10:Parallel Structure

“... the closer you look the more you find the federal government lending a hand--a patent, a monopoly, a tax break--to our hero at a critical juncture. (41) Example of Parallelism “...but most of the corn we eat as as corn--whether on the cob, flaked, or baked into muffins or tortilla or chips--comes from varieties other than number 2…” (85) Example of Parallelism “For we would no longer need any reminding that however we choose to feed ourselves, we eat by the grace of nature, not industry, and what we’re eating is never anything more or less than the body of the world.” (411) Example of Style

+3 Reference to Omnivore's Dillema

Parallelism Essentials


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