[2016] Bradley Schinker: Law Making Proces

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[2016] Bradley Schinker: Law Making Proces

How an Idea Becomes Law: the Federal Law Making Process

A bill is reported:The committee must approve the bill and send it to the respective House or Senate floor for debate.

A bill is voted on:In the House of Representatives, the bill passes with a majority of (218 of 435) as well in the senate (51 of 100).

A bill is debated:Members of Congress discuss why they support or oppose the bill.

A bill is referred to a committee(s):The committee members analyze the bill to determine if they will send it to the House or Senate. floor

A bill goes to conference:If versions of a bill differ, a conference made of both house's members fix the differences, and draft a final bill for a vote.

A bill is sent to the President:Once the bill passes the House and Senate, the President must sign the bill into law.

A bill is introduced:The bill is introduced in the Senate or in the House of Representatives (or both), it receives a number.

A bill is drafted:Senators or Representatives work to draft a bill or a joint resolution with the goal of passing it into law.

It starts as an idea...


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