Law and illegitimacy of tyrany

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Law and illegitimacy of tyrany


Unit 10.1.2

Western Political Ideads Of The Rule Of Law And Illegitimacy Of Tyranny

Plato's Republic


Illegitimacy means to not be allowed according to laws or rules, a tyrant was an illegitimate ruler. The illegitimacy of tyranny was a topic "Aristotle" a philosopher, discussed alot in his political books. Tyranny was a problem in Ancient Greece. A tyrant would win support from the people but he would later betray the people and take over the government. A tyrant made unfair and cruel decisions. They would make decisions without the government's or people's consent. A tyrant was also like a Dictator. A tyrant can become a problem once he get too much power.

Plato was a Philosopher that studied the many types of governments. He believed that the wise and educated should rule the government, and he wrote books on how people act in different governments and how it effects the people. He wrote a book called "The Republic" which focused a lot on Plato's thoughts on tyranny. Plato believed that it was never good to give a ruler too much power or they will dictate. He believed that a government with a tyrant was a danger to the people. He believed that tyrants never showed their bad intentions until they were elected.

Aristotle was a greek Philosopher and scientist. He was also one of Plato's students. He wrote a book called "Polictics" where he stated that tyrant where selfish poeple that took over and made decisions that only benefited themselves.He believed that the smartest and most educated should rule greece. He also thought that the middle class should be the ones to rule. Aristotle invented the Illegitimacy of tyranny.

Aristotle's Politics

Rule Of Law

Illegitimacy Of Tyranny

Plato was the one who adopted the idea of " The Rule of Law". The rule of law was a belief that a government should be ruled by laws and not by the best men. A governments based on the rule of law was called a Nomocracy. The rule of Laws applied to everyone even the leaders. The rule of law was above tyranny and dictatorship and could not be neglected.Aristotle advocated the idea of the rule of law and wrote in one his books quoting "Law should govern".

Tyranny: A nation under cruel and oppressive government

Republic: A country that is governed by elected representatives

Democracy: A form of government where leaders are elected by the people




Socrates was the founder of western philosophy


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