[2015] MaryAnn Romagna (5th Grade): Lava Lamps

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[2015] MaryAnn Romagna (5th Grade): Lava Lamps

Who Invented Them and When

The Lava Lamp was invented in 1948 by the English accountant that went by the name of Edward Craven Walker, but the Lava Lamp took as many as 15 years to prefect. Perfected in 1963. The Lava Lamp has come a long way sence they were first invented in 1948.



Lava Lamps

* Bottle * Mineral Oil * Water* Alka Seltzer * Food Coloring* Glitter and Sequence (Optional) * Flash Light (Optional)

1) Empty and Wash Bottle 2) Add Oil Until 3/4 of The Way Full3) Pour Water in Until Bottle is Full 4) Add a Few Drops of Food Coloring Uintil the Water is your Desired Color5) Add Glitter and Sequence if you Have Them 6) Break Alka Seltzer Tablets in Fourths 7) Drop in Alka Seltzer Tabblets One by One


Lava Lamps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and they even have multiple names. Such as the Astro Globe, the Lava Lite, and of course the Lava Lamp. The colors include basically any color you can imagine and the same goes for shapes and sizes.


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