Lauren's Water Energy

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Lauren's Water Energy

Lauren's Hydropower Report

The power of water energy is determined by the height and speed of its fall. So if water was to fall from a showerhead it would not go as fast as water falling from a water falling from a waterfall. That is also why a waterfall is louder than a showerhead.

Hydropower is energy coming from water. It is a renewable energy found in rivers, waterfalls, and overflows from dams. There used to be grain mills that were propeled by water. They used something called a water wheel. The water wheel would be moved by the current of the water it was in.

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One popular form of energy you might know of is dams. Dams are not just barriers that keep water in its place,or tourist atractions. Dams are actually hydropower plants. One popular dam is the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Power is made in dams by the water (wich is full of kinetic energy) runs through a generator and creates energy.

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I chose hydropower because I love being in the water ,and it is a renewable,natural resource. I think that hydropower will still be around in fifty years because it is renewable. That does not mean that we should overuse water because that is not good for the enviroment.



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