Lauren-John Adams

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Social Studies

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Lauren-John Adams

I was also a supporter of the Revolution, serving on the drafting committe on the Declaration if Indenpendence

John Adams was sent to France in 1778 and later in 1782 during the secound trip he started the Treaty of Paris. that ended the Revolutionary War

John Adams!

My name is John Adams. i was involved with the Revolutionary War. I was a lawyer in Massachusetts. i was also a member of the continental Congress. I was one of the only two signers of the Declaration of Independencen later to become the President of the United States.

Revolutionary War

I was a indispensable in the fight for American Indepence and the devolopment of the New Nation. I devoted my great gifts as a writer,thinker and politician to its founding and served as a secound president

I was one of the negotiators who drafted the Treaty of Paris in 1783 to end the Revolutionary War



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